Jim Krenz Review - January 2016


Let's start off with the packaging. The threads arrive in a card stock envelope, much better than a paper envelope. Each item is in a tiny, tidy ziplock bag. Inside the plastic bag, there is a three panel folded cover that protects another folded card.

The loops are tied by hand. If you have ever tried to tie invisible elastic thread, you know that it is an acquired skill, one that takes patience, a keen eye and a fine touch.

Eddie knows what he is doing.  

The bands are tied well. They have a good elasticity. They are as invisible as thread comes.

You get 15 bands for $12. Now that is quite the deal.

If you buy in quantity Eddie sells 45 bands for $24. No, that is not a typo - that is a steal!

Clearly Eddie is insane - Stock up at these low prices before the asylum catches up with him!

It is great thread, economically packaged and priced humbly. It is clear that Eddie loves invisible thread, and he is sharing that love with you.

Highly recommended. 

Jim Krenz is well known across the magic world as a published reviewer and skilled close up performer



'I'm not usually one to plug products (though in my defense, I am not someone who's opinion is important enough to be asked for anyway) but I just received an order of Eddie Raymond's loops, and let me say, these things are absolutely astounding!! Strong, thin, and they reshape to the wrist perfectly after a stretch, no sagging or limping. How he charges what he charges for fine work like this is beyond me, but I'm surely going to order more before he realizes what a good guy he is and raises his prices. Thanks man- and ps, the pocket management itself is worth the cost. Buried my system completely!! MIKE PALDINO



Eddie Raymond’s Invisible elastic Bands - World’s Best



David Mann - I highly recommend these. They're the best!




Bill Bieberly -  For those of you wondering how good they are, I've purchased quite a few packs of these and I've worked with these and loops and I agree these ARE much better!!!



International Magic Shop - In loops you can do unbelievably many things. If you buy our loops, you get access to an online video instruction where we tell you how to deal with the loops and of course we put some super cool tricks!




Do not be fooled by the price, our loops are strong (probably more than Mesika's loops) and mega still invisible. That unlike some other counterfeit loops that you encounter elsewhere.

We have them tested extensively by professionals and magicians who work with loops. They are wildly enthusiastic and so we guarantee top quality.





John Valad - I never met Eddie Raymond.I am a producer,and magician.I must say everyone I know in the magic biz have told me Eddie is the go to guy for loops.





Ve Spero  - When I was younger, I used to tie and sell invisible elastic bands. Your offer is so good that I don't think I will ever tie bands again even for myself. Bravo!





John Sergott  - Hi Eddie Just received my IEBs in the mail and I have owned the other crap , I have to say I am VERY impressed with the quality not to mention the Quantity. These are super strong I have been able to move things I never expected to. Thanks
Your newest FAN John Sergott Totally Mental Productions





Hi Eddie!I got the loops today!!!Loving them!They truly are more invisible and stronger. Thank you!




A++ best thread I have tried yet! More invisible than mesika loops! Best price!

BTW we LOVE your loops... the best we've seen... and we've seen basically all of them out there!!!!!
Stuart O. Yager, PhD
Educational Leadership
Western Illinois University





Jeffrey Richardson - 3 packs. I also wanted to let you know I purchased a set of your bands on penguin to try something different from the expensive loops. I can't tell you how often i break loops... so I went into your bands thinking I was going to break one soon after trying them out.... That wasn't the case. I am loving this thread. Thank you for creating a better alternative.


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