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                                                                                                                                                                                                         $295 USD

Introducing Anverdi's COLOR MATCH.
DUPLICATE the EXACT colored drawing your audience member has created, plus SO much more! Read minds with a press of a button.

Anverdi's Color Match pens can now be placed in ANY cup, glass or pen holder! You can even have your audience members place the pens in their shirt or pants pocket...or simply lay them flat on a CLEAR glass table.

Read minds with 100% accuracy, 100% confidence and NO FALSE SIGNALS... for unlimited possibilities. Go way beyond the traditional COLOR MATCH effect.

Giant Close up Pad
40.00 USD

This thing is ENORMOUS! At 39 inches across, it is the perfect surface for all of your favorite coin tricks and card tricks.






Collector's Mental Epic
250.00 USD

Mental Epic is one of the classics in mentalism and it is also a climax program used by countless magicians in their performances.
Now,we bring you the most beautiful version of Mental Epic.

Infinity Watch V3 - Gold Case White Dial / STD Version
250.00 USD

THE FUTURE OF MAGIC WATCHES has arrived! Designed to perfection, Infinity Watch 3.0 by Bluether Magic leaves no stone unturned. Loaded with cutting-edge technology, impeccable accuracy and remarkable versatility, Infinity Watch 3.0 by Bluether Magic is the ONLY watch that a magician will need!

RSVP BOX HERO (Silver Samurai)
125.00 USD

Remove, Switch Vanish or Produce...the RSVP HERO allows you to do it all.
RSVP Box is an amazing utility tool that can make any small object appear, vanish, and transform into another item. Here's an absolute classic of magic reinvented for the modern performer. A

40.00 USD

Card miracles once only attainable to masters of sleight of hand can now be perfected and performed in a fraction of the time with a prop nobody will ever suspect you're using.You will receive TWO brand new Invisible Decks, and over 4.5 hours of teaching

No Tear Pad (Extra Large, 8.5 X 11.5 ") ALL No Tear by Alan Wong - $25
25.00 USD

Large A4 size All No Tear Pad is now available! You can use just the large A4 size printable No Tear paper to custom print any text or image, or do any 'tear no tear' paper routines by just adding your own A4 normal white paper. Each pad has 60 sheets. Good value for the money.

Arte Playing Cards (5 decks) - $135
135.00 USD

LIMITED EDITION: Only 800 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. Crafted and designed to make ART - EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE

Vision Box 2.0 by João Miranda Magic - $75
75.00 USD

For the first time it is possible to perform an invisible switch not only to laymen but also to magicians.The prediction is in full view from the first moment to the last, without any strange looking moves, the switch is accomplished.

iDrop (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Tim Ellis - $50
50.00 USD

iDrop is both an incredibly funny gag item AND a stage performer's dream. You place a borrowed phone into a see-through mesh bag and zip it up to protect it. While being held by a spectator, the cell phone "accidentally" falls from the bag and breaks into pieces on the ground.

Expanded Shell Poker Chip Red plus 4 Regular Chips - $25
25.00 USD

You get a expanded shell chip and 4 other regular poker chips.
There are at least one hundred effects you can perform with this set.

Wonder Card by Wonder Makers - $30
30.00 USD

Wonder Card is one of the most practical and visual way to produce money from your credit card just in 1 second! Now you can cash out money directly from your credit card into the spectators hand! Using ordinary lighter you can see your money balance. 7 incredible magic effects in one credit card!

Ring Flight Revolution (Generic) by David Bonsall and PropDog - $160
160.00 USD

The Ring Flight Revolution is the first ring flight to lock in place once retracted, allowing the spectator to remove the ring, it is designed by a professional magician for professional use, it is smooth, silent and extremely durable.Each is individually handcrafted

Suede Leather Large Pad (Red) - $30
30.00 USD

These pads provide the perfect surface for your magical effects. The fabric is perfectly fitted with high-density sponge, with excellent resilience. The fabric and base material are supported by hard wood boards with moderate hardness and higher integrity.

Chinese Sticks by Mikame - $125
125.00 USD

The smoothest, operating sticks on the market today. Top quality! These unique sticks are longer than most at 16-inches. Even the tassels are long at an impressive 27-inches. You'll have no trouble with visibility using these onstage. A classic of magic. True Mikame Craft workmanship.






























































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